Maintenance Guide

Maintenance as Easy as 1,2,3!

The ease of maintenance has been one of the biggest selling points for Inovar Floor.

Due to the composition and construction of the product, as well as the extremely hard-wearing and non-toxic aluminum oxide protection layer on the surface, trouble-free cleaning and maintenance is well within reach.

General daily maintenance only requires light vacuuming, sweeping or dust mopping. For slightly dustier floor, light mopping with plain water or common household floor cleaning agent will do the job.

While Inovar Floor is highly fade-resistant, stain-resistant, dent-resistant, burn-resistant as well as very scratch-resistant, it is still possible that you may end up with an unintentional scratch when some extremely sharp or very heavy furniture is accidentally dragged across. For peace of mind, please use felt pads on the legs of furniture to prevent such incidents.

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